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High Camp Flask is a Thermos Flask with 2 Magnetic Tumblers

High Camp Flask is a Thermos Flask with 2 Magnetic Tumblers

Living in Washington State we get some fantastic snow in our ski resorts in the Cascade Mountain Range. There are several resorts, but the one I have been to most often is Mt. Baker.

I went to college in Bellingham, Wa and Mount Baker was not a far drive. With snowboards in tow and friends from school we spent much time on the mountain. What made the trip more bearable on cold, winter days was a thermos flask and some Amaretto and Port. That sounds a bit off to me in my older days now, but being young and on a cold mountain that combination warms you from the inside out. No one ever really overdid it by drinking this. We would all just put a bit in our flask and take a drink on the lift chair when we needed to warm up.

Having a flask when hiking, skiing or working in the cold can be the difference from calling it a day or stopping only to warm up and keep going. Maybe you are more of a hot cocoa or coffee drinker, but no matter what beverage you take along this High Camp Firelight Flask keeps liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours!

The Firelight Flask holds 750ml, the perfect size for an entire bottle of spirit or wine. The magnetic tumblers and flask are forged from BPA- and phthalate-free 18/8 stainless steel.They are built like your favorite bar glass with 6-Shooter designed grooves for a no-slip grip!

Visit High Camp Flasks to order yours today and get outside for the day (or night)!

Comment: I was sent a flask for original review. All opinions are my own

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Tara Pittman (@momknowsbest15)

This is a sharp looking thermos. My husband would like it for his coffee.

Stephanie | Adventures in Aussieland

This thermos looks perfect for keeping hot drinks warm on a cold day. If you took this on a hike, your drink would be warm for the entire time!

Princess Quinn

Wow, that’s pretty efficient isn’t it? I think I’ll be needing something like this. Now I know what to buy next time just in case.


This flask is awesome. I know a couple of people who would love to get one as a gift.


Wow beautiful this thermos both for the design and both for the fact that the two glasses are practically invisible because magnetic!

Chelle Dizon

Wow I think this is gonna be a perfect gift idea for Mother or even Father’s day. I’d love one for myself.


I really like that this flask is designed for more than one person to share a beverage. Although I might “accidentally” lose one of the cups if the Thermos Flask was filled with Chardonnay…

Corinne ❄️ (@WhatCorinneDid)

this thermos is quite cool! I don’t really like to share my glass with other people ahah! it would be perfect to share coffee

Sarah Bailey

Now that is a good looking thermos! I love the design of it, it seems like it would fit well in your hands.


This is really cool! Im a thermos collector! lol and this is something I wouldnt mind having when i go play bingo so i can bring my wine !

Dani Flanders

This is great! My hubby loves to ice fish and would probably love this!

Mom Life Optimized

We live in Washington too and this would totally be something I’d love to have. I’m going to check this out for sure!


Definitely something which would be good while going out hiking or camping. I know we could definitely use something like this.

Holly Thomas

This is a great gift idea for my husband.

Bindu Thomas

Really a lovely design and the thermos looking good. Thanks for sharing.