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Heaven Sent is a romantic comedy about finding love at all life stages #Giveaway

Heaven Sent is a romantic comedy about finding love at all life stages

In this romantic comedy, Heaven Sent, available to watch on Pure Flix, follows 3 different relationship stages but centers on one in particular! Elise and her grandson, Derek, were inseparable when he was a child but they are growing apart as he’s gotten older and Elise struggles with this. In her past life, she was hurt in love but devoted herself to raising her Grandson and now it is time for her to find a new focus. Derek has his own budding love interest and Elise is scared to go down the same road herself this late in life.

Pastor Patrick lost his wife 5 years ago. His parish tries to play matchmaker, but he resists. He just plays pastor to other struggling couples (one couple is a part of this story). He tries to help couples in struggling marriages all while afraid to go down that road himself.

One day Pastor Patrick awkwardly lands in Elise’s store where they meet and things begin to grow from there. We follow Pastor Patrick and Elise’s growing love, Derek and his interests budding relationship and Kenny and his wife’s marriage turbulence then forgiveness. There a several layers that touch all accounts of love and relationships.

With Heaven Sent being a Pure Flix film, you can trust that it is a clean and safe family-friendly film about faith and goodness. Watch today by starting your free 7-day trial of Pure Flix. If you become as addicted to its content like many have you can continue with plans at only around $6 a month. Watch Heaven Sent on Pure Flix today!

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