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Healthy Snacks for Kids by Junkless Bars and Cookies

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In this new year we always reconsider many of our habits from foods we eat to the activity levels we hold daily. Some goals are more difficult to achieve as we quickly realize while other goals are more easily attainable. One of the easiest habits to break is bad food shopping habits. I have a personal rule when shopping-if I don’t buy it they can’t eat it. This is how I pick and choose what I spend my hard earned money on so that I am bringing home healthy snacks for my kids.


Now brands are listening to consumers. We want more nutritious options for our families and they can be hard to come by. Simply 8 Junkless snacks are available at many well-known grocers and online and are made with 8 simple and real ingredients. That’s the sort of snacks we need to bring home to the kids.


My son and husband are huge fans of the Junkless granola bars and cookies. The cookies taste homemade-they are so delicious. They come in chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip flavors. The granola bars are chewy and moist and come in several flavors-chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, strawberry and cinnamon roll.


Simply 8 Junkless snacks are made with 8 or less ingredients. You won’t find  high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, artificial colors or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) here. They also have zero grams of trans fats.They are simple and real-nothing fake about them.


Find Simply 8 Junkless snacks at grocers like select Safeway/Albertsons, Spartan, HyVee, Jewel/Kroger stores, soon to ShopRite stores in NY and NJ and on Amazon. Visit to learn more.

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