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Healthy On You Vegan Spices have Edible Playlists – Smoked Pork Shoulder

Healthy On You Vegan Spices Combine Culture, Flavor & Music

If you are like me you have been cooking at home much more and with some extra time have wanted to get more creative in the kitchen. I recently upgraded our smoker and have been practicing my meat and meal skills on this new grill. I even took an entire day recently and renovated my spice cabinet because I spend so much time in it I need it more organized. Then I went on to find more spice combinations to have on hand.

Healthy on You is a spice brand I have been introduced to and they have a unique line of organic, non-GMO, vegan spices combining flavor, culture, and music. You can now shake things up with these vegan spices for a fun cooking experience from home. Cooking just became more fun!

best spices

You will love the names of these spices from Healthy On You…playlists for your meals! Let the Good Thymes Roll”, “Hit the Roast Jack”, “No Woman, No Spice”.

Healthy On You is a black woman-owned business created by certified health coach, Samantha Binkley, who took her passion for pursuing a healthy lifestyle and cooking to create her vegan, 100% USDA organic spice and salt blend line. You won’t want to lock these up in a cabinet – they are fun kitchen conversation starters.

roast spice rub

The first thing I smoked the day these vegan spices arrived were 2 pork shoulders. I used the Hit the Roast Jack blend on the pork and it came out amazing! The bark was so delicious! I dry brined with this rub overnight. Then slow cooked all day. At wrap time I used a layer of pink butcher paper and then a layer of foil. Pulled it at 200 degrees, rested it for 45 minutes still in its wrap. Once I finally opened it up I had a beautiful spiced bark and the most tender meat inside. It was my best pork smoke yet!

smokes pork shoulder

Look at the bark and smoke ring! The Hit the Roast Jack rub I used from the Healthy on You spice blends is actually a spice and coffee rub. Typically fantastic for a beef roast I wanted to try it on pork and am so glad I did. This blend is made up of allspice, cayenne, cinnamon, coconut sugar, coffee, garlic, ground porcini mushrooms, kosher salt and smoked paprika. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

smoked meats

What I am really excited for is my Spice Up the Holidays Build Your Own Collection from the edible playlists! I am hosting the family Thanksgiving this year and have a large turkey and roast to cook and this collection will be my best friend come November. I can’t wait to use the I’m Still Brining turkey brine blend for fantastic flavor. The fennel countdown is best for seafood but I may try it on hearty green veggies like brussel sprouts. This collection also comes with a Hit the Roast Jack for that holiday roast and I already know how fantastic that will turn out.

spice edible playlist

The Build Your Own Edible Playlist is the best way to customize your experience.  This beautifully designed, sustainable keepsake bamboo box comes with three spice blends accompanied by three delicious, healthy recipes, an olive wood spoon, and various loose organic spices. Choose three spices and get your spice groove on in the kitchen. Visit Healthy on You to get your organic, vegan spices in time for the fall holidays!

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