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Healthy Living: The Vitamin Shoppe Power of Protein Promotion

I was sent samples for feature

For the month of March the Vitamin Shoppe has some great promotions on some top protein brands. The Power of Protein promotion is about reminding us how important protein is for building a well-rounded fitness routine. I was sent several different types of protein lines from The Vitamin Shoppe and I’ll  break them down for you so you can help find the products right for you.
BodyTech Protein Line

Whey Tech Pro 24 is a great supplement for your post workout. It digests easily and brings amino acids to your muscles for recovery. If you like your protein in the morning, the whey in this product will help your metabolism for the day. The BodyTech Whey Tech Pro 24 comes in rich chocolate, french vanilla, chocolate mint, banana creme, cookies and cream, strawberries and cream. 
Micellar Casein is absorbed more slowly than whey, but is still easily digestible. you would want to take this in the evening if you are on an ongoing fitness regimen because the evening is when catabolism or muscle breakdown occurs. The other time that is great to use the BodyTech Micellar Casein is as a mini-meal because the slow release will have you feeling fuller longer. It comes in rich chocolate, french vanilla and cookies and cream.
Hexatein provides a combination of it all in a protein supplement. It contains whey, casein and egg protein for fast delivery with a combination of fast, medium and slow digesting protein blends that is best use after a workout, in between meals and before bedtime. it truly meets all the needs of all fitness levels from beginners to bodybuilders. BodyTech Hexatein comes in vanilla, cookies and cream and rich chocolate.
Pro Pudding is a great snack to include in your day. Try incorporating this as a healthy dessert. There is very little carbohydrates making it a satisfying snack. Simply mix with cold water and let sit a few moments. The chocolate is so delicious. BodyTech Pro Pudding comes in rich chocolate and french vanilla. 
There are many other BodyTech choices, so make sure you see the entire BodyTech line at The Vitamin Shoppe

I was also sent a few bars and a cookie! The Complete Cookie is so delicious and makes it about the healthiest cookie I have ever tried that is packed with enough nutrients you can even eat it as a mini meal. There is no HFCS, egg, dairy, sugar alcohols, trans fats, GMO nor any artificial ingredients. I have the birthday cake flavor and speaking of that same flavor I was also sent the ONE bar in the same flavor. ONE bars are gluten free and makes a great protein supplement when on the go. The last product I was able to try and my husbands favorite is the PowerCrunch bar-another great protein snack that comes in a dark chocolate flavor among any other flavors. 
Whether you need protein supplement or other health care products and supplements, The Vitamin Shoppe has you covered with plenty of education available to help you make the best choices for your nutritional needs. 
Remember that these above products and many other protein supplements are on sale at The Vitamin Shoppe this month!

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