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Healthy Living: Becoming Mobile Again with National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association

Many years ago I worked for the County Veterans Association Department where I lived and it was there I got to know many amazing Veterans. I learned a lot in meeting many of them. I was younger and a bit judgmental-many times I’d see these men on the sides of the road and in our downtown streets holding HELP signs and seeming to appear helpless. Many had disabilities and even were wheelchair bound. The best part of my job was widening my narrow mind as I hear their stories-many of them about family and Country abandonment after serving. These men came home and were expected to blend back in-as if nothing happened. What they have seen, been told and forced to do and the images that only they can relate too are sometimes graphic and unimaginable to those who have never served in rough times. I love finding companies that take pride in helping our Veterans as well as others who live limited lifestyles and the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association is such a company.

If you have ever had to assist or serve those with mobility issues from injuries to disease from the old to the young, you know how overwhelming it can be to gather and research the best options for them to have that chance they deserve to be mobile and gain that extra independence. NMEDA wants you to know that they will do everything possible to make the process smooth for you and your loved one.

Benefits of NMEDA
NMEDA offers personal, in-person equipment evaluations. This means that the dealers are Quality Assurance Program accredited to give you the best solutions for your individual needs. This NMEDA QAP also means that your dealership has offered unique training for their technicians to assure quality, safety and electromechanical integrity. Your vehicle will be built to accommodate your every need. Because NMEDA prides itself on quality, you can be assured that the latest technology is being used for your conversion. 
My local NMEDA dealer is less than 15 miles from me and you can find a dealer near you as well in the US and Canada. Having dealers in your communities means that your service and repair needs can be met quickly and more easily. Every dealer offers 24/7 services for all purchases made at their dealership. If ever there is a problem-anytime and anywhere-you will be taken care of even if they have to come to you!

National Mobility Awareness Month and Contest

May is National Mobility Awareness Month and if you visit the National Mobility Awareness Month website between April 20-May 31, you can nominate a local or family Hero or even yourself to win one of 4 mobility vehicles. Voting on the entries runs from May 1-31. Last years winners ranged from a 10 year old girl with neuroblastoma to 2 car accident victims who’s lives were changed in one moment that left them paralyzed.

How easy is that? Just find a local dealer and they will guide you every step of the way, always understanding your every need and have the ability to accommodate you. Don’t forget to nominate someone you know to win a van in May!

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