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Healthy Juices from Garden of Flavor

I was sent samples. Opinions are my own

Juice is not created equal! In most cases you get juice with a list of their good health claims along with potential concentrates of pesticides and herbicides that may have been used during the growing process. In order to make the healthy juices, Garden of Flavor only use USDA certified organic produce in their juices.

Garden of Flavor has Cold-Press JuicesJuice Cleanse and Energy Elixirs. The juices are never heated or cooked, so they retain all of the living, breathing enzymes, chlorophyll and oxygen our bodies crave. Cold pressing, with slow pressure, extracts the maximum amount of juice, nutrients and enzymes from the organic produce. This helps with absorption. You get real fruits, vegetables and edible plants without any processing and bottled in its most natural state.

The line includes over 25 different flavors such as: Goji Pineapple or AppleAde, Green Harmony, Mean Greens, Twisted Roots, White Knight, Turmeric Tonic, Reishi Pear, and Aronia Berry.  Select flavors also include living probiotics. 

The juice cleanse consists of six juices per day for the desired number of days. I have to admit, if you have never juiced or drank juicing blends minus all the additives and added sugars you need to get used to the taste. Those that know how amazing you feel after day 1 suddenly tolerate the taste very well. So, as you get used to juicing I recommend mixing flavors. I love the Mean Green taste so I mix Twisted Roots with it.

So half a bottle of each = 1 bottle and then save the other half mixtures to mix in other combinations in the day. Once you open a bottle you really want to drink that bottle within 24 hours (remember there is no preservatives let alone other additives).

The other option of juices you can take advantage of from Garden of Flavor is the Cold Pressed Energy. Pear Reishi is my favorite!

These Energy blends are organic cold-pressed juices with living probiotic cultures and sustained energy of Guayusa which delivers 100mg of natural plant-based caffeine. Your gut will thank you as you get the natural energy without a crash no can of ‘energy drink’ could ever come close to providing you.

You can find Garden of Flavor juices at your local Whole Foods and health stores!

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