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Headleveler’s Custom Travel Cervical Pillow

I gave my gender, desired size (I chose travel), height, weight, shoulder shape, preferred sleep position, preferred firmness, mattress type and turns out I am a Medium Model #21 cervical pillow! What model are you?

Taking the quiz is quick and you will get the exact pillow that is right for you. I love the travel size, the pillow case designs (extra) and carry bag so it can stay formed and clean as I travel. You can get all you need to take this custom pillow on the road (or air) with you. Or, get a larger size to keep at home.

I have a slipped disc in my neck and when it flares up I get severe pain in my neck and shoulder and even have my neck seize at times. It is so painful and I feel that pain the most if I use the wrong pillow.

Also, look how well this pillow can blend into your bedding with the fun cases available! Cervical pillows don’t always have to be ugly monsters on your bed. The Headleveler pillowcases are so pretty and come in dark and light shades.

My sleep? Amazing! You can spend a fortune on several pillows until you find the right one so I had to give this one a few nights to judge. The quiz I took really has me confident this is the right pillow for me. The firmness is spot on for my liking and the support is exactly what my neck requires.

Take the quiz and shop your favorite pillow at Headleveler now!

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