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Handmade Greeting Cards for Under $1

Have you seen the price of a greeting card? I had some birthday parties in our family recently and after grabbing a few cards and heading to the checkout my total was $25! That was like an entire extra gift for someone. It is crazy and who keeps that overpriced stock card anyway? So a friend and I got together and started making our own. Most of what we use is crafts we already have laying around the house after years of kids and I hit the Dollar Tree up for the rest. I was just at my local store and found so many pegs of adorable raised stickers for $1 a pack that are perfect for cards. For kids I found bubble stickers and googly eye stickers they will love. I spent $14.01 and filled a bag of so many stickers. If I average 2-3 stickers a package I estimate my entire years worth of holiday and birthday cards can be made from this one trip along with card stock, stamps and ribbons I already have at home.
My Happy Birthday Flower card is all stickers and gel pen. I have the worst handwriting but was out of ink for my happy Birthday stamp and wanted to finish this idea for you. In one sticker pack I had long rectangle stickers so I peeled one and stuck it across the bottom of the card. I then cut my folded card stock paper to be the exact width of the sticker so it fills the entire space. I opened one of my new floral assortment of raised stickers and placed 3 of them strategically on the card. I wrote Happy Birthday (or you can stamp or sticker the phrase). That’s it. It cost me about 1/4 of a packet of $1 stickers and 1 piece of paper.



My Blank card for a Thank You or Hello was a sticker from a word pack of wedding stickers I have and 2 of my raised butterfly stickers from a $1 pack. I used glitter glue to do something fun to fill the bottom space and let dry.
My Birthday Boy card is from a fun set of raised robot theme stickers I got for $1 a pack and I still have 5 stickers left for more cards like this. I have a nephew turning 7 late this month and this is his card. I had a stash of star foam stickers and filled space with 3 of those. Glitter glue was used to line the bottom part of the card.
How easy is this? Once you gather fun items in a ‘card box’ and hit the $1 stores for fun stickers, glitter glues  I promise you WILL save money all year on birthday cards. The best part is that your kids can be handed the box to create some too! We have sat down and in one afternoon made a season’s worth of cards for upcoming events and holidays.
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