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Handmade Bourbon Caramel by Southern Caramel

Handmade Bourbon Caramel by Southern Caramel

Bourbon lovers, rejoice! If these Southern Caramels weren’t delicious enough, they are also bourbon-infused. With Easter and spring events happening, these make great gifts. You get handmade bourbon caramels made with premium ingredients and they are buttery smooth.

For the Bourbon Caramel, they use top-shelf bourbon and are packaged to gift right away. Handcrafted candy never fails when you gift it and these caramels will be devoured.

The caramels will last months on the shelf and up to a year refrigerated! The best part, they literally melt away as you chew without sticking to my teeth! This is because they actually take the time to caramelize their sugar before creating the caramel. These are my favorite caramels.

Head over to Southern Caramel and find your favorite gift package of these delicious treats!

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