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Guidecraft STEM IO Building Blocks and Related App

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: IO Blocks from Guidecraft


Not your ordinary block or connector set. The IO Blocks are designed to offer endless creativity in building anything from vehicles, buildings, people, animals and more. They come in 6 colors and 12 specific and unique shapes that all fit into each other in different angles.


My son can’t put these STEM blocks down. He is 8 and we have the 114 piece Guidecraft IO Block set and this one allows for open creativity. Guidecarft also has an IO Blocks vehicles, IO Blocks Race Cars, IO Blocks Boats, IO Blocks Minis as well as this 114 piece set and other sized sets including a travel set. This makes finding the perfect building block for any child at any age easier by having these varieties.


There is an accompanying app with the Guidecarft IO Blocks. Inside the box is a tracker card to have out when in the app. When you find the creation you want to build, simply aim your phone onto your tracker card and bring your creation to augmented reality with building directions. You can turn the card in directions to view the creation from all sides as it slides the pieces apart to show you how to build.


My son built a catapult. It was not in the building app, but it was on the back of the box and by looking at the image we found the pieces to be able and construct our own catapult. It is a lot of fun to flip and rotate pieces as we connect them to change the look of your creation. They stick well into each other and won’t easily come apart.


Guidecraft is known for STEM play and learning products. From building blocks to building rods and magnets, STEM will be at the forefront of the building process. Yet, these building toys are so much fun that the kids hardly know they are learning too. Visit Guidecraft to see STEM play available for all ages.

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