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Guess Who Zoo: New Release Children’s Book

This is a promotional post for Guess Who book series. All opinions are 100% my own

Guess Who: Zoo
by Howard Eisenberg
Release date: Feb 3, 2014
With my 6 year old, I have always been partial to poetry books. As long as there is rhyming and rhythm, those are my favorite children books to read. If the rhyming can become an adventure or even a game, the book becomes that much more engaging for him. One of the first fundamentals to teaching a child to read is to practice and know rhyming words. It becomes fun for them to hear them in a story such as in the Guess Who series of books written by Howard Eisenberg.
Howard is the father of Heidi Murkoff as you may recognize as one of the Authors of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. His late wife, Arlene also co-wrote that book with Heidi. Arlene loved poetry and would read it to her children and grandchildren and so the Guess Who series of children’s rhyming books were written by Howard and dedicated to Arlene.

In the new addition to the Guess Who Series, Howard takes us to the zoo. Guess Who: The Zoo has more fun rhymes that will have your child proudly guessing who the animal is that the rhyme is describing. The photos above show a fun guessing game about a giraffe that is within this book. Your child will know if they are right or wrong when they turn the page. There is a little hint with the rhymes as a close up feature of that animal is displayed with the text on that page. See the giraffe neck in the guessing text?
The illustrations are fun and I highly encourage you purchase Guess Who: Neighborhood and Guess Who: Farm at the same time because your child will want more as they finish the book if they are at all like my son. 

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