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Grill to perfection with the Man Grate #mangratequality

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Perfect your Grilling with ManGrate

I love to grill, but am a horrible griller-so I thought! I live in the Pacific NW and when summer hits and the rain calms down I love turning to the grill for meals on dry warm days. There is nothing better than eating quality meats that were grilled for the best flavor. I started buying my meats from local suppliers. The price in the grocery stores are so high and the meats are not the best quality unless you pay premium price. We have a truck that delivers our steaks and chicken from local farms and when I turn on the grill to cook these quality meats, I fail almost every time. We have a gas grill and 4 burners and I make every attempt to control the temperature using the burner settings, but I seem to always scorch and dry out the meats unless I am constantly standing nearby and tending to it at every moment. Then I was sent the ManGrate! Turns I don;t have horrible skills, I have uncontrolled heat! Thank goodness because I was about to call it quits attempting anymore grilling on these meats of mine.

My box contained 2 heavy grates that fit side by side. I need to get myself one more box to fit the width I want on our larger grill, but have been able to cook for a family of 4 and some just fine on these 2. These are American made grill grates that sit right on top of your existing grates. This cast-iron design uses radiant heat to allow the food to cook more evenly. 
Do you see the angled ledges on each bar on the grate? This allows the juices to stay trapped so that during the grilling they can be released in the natural smoking process keeping maximum flavor in your foods. 

The very first dish I made using the ManGrate were these chicken coleslaw burgers. I was able to lay down my marinated breasts and walk away to prepare the other foods. I flipped the chicken once and walked away again. I came back and they were done! Cooked through, not black and charred and I couldn’t have baked in the juices any better if I tried. It was a pretty proud moment.

I oiled my grates and let them run without food on high heat for about 10 minutes before placing foods on to seal the oil in the fresh grates as it recommended. I just routinely do this every use. Spraying oil as I heat up the grill. Every grill will instantly transform into the perfect grilling machine with the ManGrate. Perhaps that is a strong claim to make, but I cannot see how you can grill a horrible meat unless you are truly neglectful! If I can do it, anyone can!
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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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