2018 Holiday Gifts

Grandbox is the Gifts for Grandparents That Keep Giving

Have you heard about the GrandBox subscription box for Grandparents? I always try to make the Grandparent gifts personal. The boys would make crafts at school and wrap them. But the boys are 10, 21 and 26 so no crafting is done here like that.  This season we created a Grandbox and gave it to my Dad recently for his birthday. It is such a great gift idea for Grandparents any time of the year. And you can order one anytime so that a box arrives a few times a year for a gift that keeps giving.

Inside was a variety of products that was intriguing for my Dad. However, the most special were photos of my son. GrandBox printed then as actual photographs and included them in the box.

Every month, the GrandBox team creates a new theme to build each box around. Every theme and product is meant to bring joy to your loved one. From Route 66 to Back-to-School to A Day at the Spa, we make sure that each box will be a delightful surprise.

 Visit MyGrandBox to get started. remember GrandBox as you search for a gifts for Grandparents.

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