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Gluten-Free Cauliflower Pizza Crust – Caulipower

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cauliflower pizza

When you have family members with Celiac it can be hard to find foods the kids crave but may make them uncomfortable if they eat it. The breads of pizza and noodles of pasta are popular foods but cause havoc on the gut when you have to avoid glutens. Caulipower pizzas are made with cauliflower crusts by a Mom of 2 boys who have Celiac.

pizza box

There are many recipes out there that show you how to turn cauliflower into pizza crust and it is delicious but the mess it makes is too much. Caulipower has 4 varieties: 3 cheese, margherita, veggie and plain crust.

The other night I used the plain crust to make a side dish. I cooked as directed and then took it out a bit early to brush on an olive oil, garlic powder mixture and heated another minute. It was delicious and the plain crust has 2 individually wrapped crusts inside so I have another to use on a future dinner again.

cheese pizza

These pizzas have been a hit in our home. My son loves them and does not eat cauliflower on its own. How they make it to keep a softness to the inside of the crust is amazing. You can visit Caulipower locator to see where you can purchase near you and they are appearing in more and more stores with time. They are also on Amazon for delivery.


When you buy Caulipower you help give back. CAULIPOWER proudly supports OneSun and the fight against childhood obesity by contributing to the creation of vegetable gardens at underserved schools throughout the country. Visit Caulipower to learn more.

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