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The Giving Manger – Doing Good Things This Season

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The Giving Manger - Doing Good Things This Season

When you think back to Holiday memories as a child it is events and service we tend to remember over what was in our stocking or pile of gifts on Christmas morning. When you make giving back and serving others an event your kids are likely to carry that memory with them for years, even decades and to their own children. The event and new home tradition? The Giving Manger.

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It’s so simple yet the impact is great. It is a box and in that box is a book, a wood manger, some strands of straw and a baby Jesus. The idea is to build the manger using the straw so baby Jesus can lie peacefully. However, you cannot put straw into the manger until your child completes a service. For each good deed or chore they do to help you and others they get to lay down a piece of straw.

Once they have built a manger Jesus can be placed. The book really ties it all together as it helps the kids understand the real meaning of the Holidays and why we should serve others.

Let this year be the year we start a new tradition of giving back. Need ideas of service you can do with your family? Print a list here. Purchase on their website or on Amazon.

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