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Give your home the cleanest air with EdenPURE

I was sent units from EdenPURE for my honest opinions

Give your home the cleanest air with EdenPURE

Did you know that the air quality inside our homes is up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside (according to the USEPA)? Where is this polluted air coming from? It can be a combination of things from poor air circulation, not changing filters in main units, chemicals you use to clean or scent the home, mold spores, allergens like dust mites and pet dander and more.

If you just grabbed a bottle of chemical cleaner and mopped your floor and are sitting under your air vent on the couch with the windows and doors shut while petting the dog or cat then you are potentially sitting in a large bubble of pollutants. Should you get a room air purifier? Yes, especially if you or someone in your home suffer from allergies or have asthma!

Here are 2 types of air purifiers I am using from EdenPURE!

The new EdenPURE® Airdog®

This sleek-looking unit is fantastic for heavy traffic homes and cleans 300 sq. ft. room in 20 minutes. When I am using and learning more about the Airdog®, I think of homes with several children, homes of teens and sports where cleaning is constant. I think of homes with multiple pets or high-allergy occupants. This looks so slick in any room to blend with a modern decor.

If you can’t get or afford clean air moving throughout the walls in a home system, this is your best choice. It kills & removes 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful elements and has 360 degree air flow circulation. The best part is that there are no filters to replace, nor any dangerous air byproducts. (Learn more)

EdenPURE® OxiLeaf™

This unit is compact and can be kept in a standard socket or USB connected. It neutralizes odors as well as purify and oxidize the air and surfaces in your home. The OxiLeaf™ works by producing ozone molecules that attack pollutants in the air, including those hiding behind objects.

It works hard and mighty to removes pet, cigarette, urine, smoke, pollen, dust, pet dander and cooking odors. It also removes carbon monoxide and kills dust mites. It removes virtually all organic and inorganic pollutants, including toxic gasses. It can also relieve allergies and sinus problems caused by air pollution. (Learn more)

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