GhostBed Luxury Performance Sheet and Pillow Case Set

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GhostBed Luxury Performance Sheet and Pillow Case Set

I bet you were afraid of monsters or even ghosts under your bed at some point in your childhood! I would be lying if there wasn’t a span of about a year when I was around 9 or 10 when if I had to get up in the dark, I would stand on the end of my bed and jump all the way to my door, grab it fast and run until it was safe enough to look back for an all-clear! However, I did not turn my fear of ‘ghosts under the bed’ into a brand name. Mattress maker Marc Werner did with his GhostBed mattress and luxury performance sheet and pillow case set.

I am about done decorating my guest room. When we bought our home last fall I was excited to finally have a room where friends and family could stay. My sister and her husband were the first and sheepishly told me my mattress was not comfortable. I don’t have the resources with all the other new home set up to buy a mattress but am saving. For now I have been buying quality bedding and have fans for added temperature comfort as well.

I can’t wait for the next guests to stay and rave about the new sheets on the bed. I am moving my GhostBed luxury performance sheet and pillow case set to the guest room. I really want to make up for my apparent mattress flaw. The right bedding is so important for proper sleep and I want all my family as well as friends to have the best sleep possible, even if it is 1 night in my home they are a guest in. Maybe you have upgraded your sheets recently, but have you updated your guests sheets?

Let’s talk more about this GhostBed luxury fitted sheet set and pillow case set. Of course you can use these sheets on any size mattress from twin to California King, but imagine them paired with the GhostBed mattress. It is a dream of mine to give my guests that powerful duo, for now I just have the sheets and it is a huge improvement of their sleep. Did I mention (actually, I have not) that the GhostBed is the best mattress for fibromyalgia?

About GhostBed Sheets

  • Made from premium Supima Cotton – grown in the USA. Twice as strong as regular cotton and inherently softer and more luxurious as well as durable enough to withstand washings year after year and maintain it’s quality. No other sheet can really say that!
  • Made from revolutionary Tencel Fiber – a plant based origin. What is tencel? A fiber with temperature regulation, superior moisture absorption, are extremely breathable, and are bacteria and allergen resistant.
  • GhostGrip, so your fitted sheet will stay on securely and never pop off!
  • Includes: 2 Queen Pillow Cases, 1 Top Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet.
  • Available in white or grey and sizes: twin, full, queen, king, Cal. king
  • Free Shipping and 3 year warranty

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