Get your floors ready for Holiday company with Quick Shine

Are you ready for the Holidays? There is so much to do to get ready from shopping, baking, decorating and cleaning. On one hand, it is a good time to do thorough wipe downs around the house as we expect company, but it is such a busy time.

You can get your floors ready with Quick Shine! Why Quick Shine? Because you want your home to smell great and you don’t want the harsh chemicals left behind. You also don’t want dirty water buckets and these spray mops mean no buckets. Add solution or squirt and mop with water! It is so easy and the scent it leaves behind is a gentle clean that fills your home.

These are plant-based products meant to clean well without chemicals so your pets, children and all things that come in contact will not be affected by harmful residue. You can find floor cleaners, polishers and for all surfaces! I want to put Quick Shine on your radar if you are looking for plant-based cleaners that are safe and work great!

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