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Get your daily protein with Premier Protein & become an Ambassador

This is a promotional post for Premier Protein. I was provided samples. All opinions are 100% my own

How much protein should you consume in a day? If you are not very active, you should be consuming 46 grams as a woman and 56 grams as a man. If you are active, up to 30 grams a meal is best. Between meats and eggs, I get a minimal amount a day, but it is not enough as active as I am. I never head to the gym without protein before and within 20 minutes after my workout. Premier Protein offers bars and shakes that are easy on-the-go and have little calories. I grab a shake before my 2 hour shift at the High School and drink half on the way to the gym after work and the other half after my workout.

Eating the right protein

I’m not suggesting you run to the spoon jar so you can scoop globs of peanut butter to eat all day-bad, bad, bad! I am also not suggesting you hit the granola bar aisle and find a gooey chocolate bar that claims protein benefits. Your protein you consume should be low in fat, sugar and carbs and that can be tricky to do. Even peanuts pack on the calories. Chicken breast is probably the most healthy protein source with very low carbs and calories with high protein.

Premier Protein wanted to offer a healthy protein to its consumers unlike many protein products on the market loaded with sugars and/or calories. Premier Proteins shakes and smoothies are only 160 calories or less and offer you up to 30 grams of protein and about 5 grams of fat. Compare that to 3 scrambles eggs that offer you 21 grams of protein along with 240 calories and 15 grams of fat!

Premier Protein also offers protein and fiber bars. Premier Protein bars make excellent meal replacements and is what I eat as a lunch some days. Eating a protein bar offers you 30 grams of protein with only 8 grams of fat and near 290 calories. Compare that to a chef salad with 26 grams of protein, 39 grams of fat and 530 calories. Getting the appropriate amount of calories is essential, so you need to eat enough healthy calories in your day, but if your focus is on more protein, make sure you choose the healthier proteins.

My entire family loves these bard! The flavors are so delicious. My 6 year old ate 1/2 of the Premier Protein Chocolate Mint bar for dessert 2 nights in a row. He loves them! In fact, I just found these bars on sale at my local Costco this ad period while I was there today.

Apply to be an Ambassador

Premier Protein is accepting applications to become one of 20 trainer ambassadors to join their team. The chosen ambassadors will use their voice to inspire, motivate and educate their communities – locally and online. The 20 ambassadors will each receive a $5,000 grant to use towards their continuing fitness education. Interested trainers can apply at through February 27, 2015.

Learn more and find facts and tips at -for health and motivational pins

You can find Premier Protein products at Safeway, Kroger, Costco and other locations near you. See their store locator on their site.

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