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Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Printer and the Instax Hybrid Mini Liplay Camera

Comment: I was sent product for feature. Opinions are 100% my own. May contain some affiliate links within post

What could be better than a day of creating memories? Ending the day with physical memory from the Instax Mini Link. This little printer comes in modern colors – Dusky Pink, Ash White and Dark Denim. This printer connects with your phone via bluetooth and the free app allows you to add filters and frames along with other fun features.

  • INSTAX Camera Mode – control your Smartphone with the printer. Simply tilt the printer forwards and backwards to control the zoom on your Smartphone and take photos by pressing the INSTAX button!
  • It creates 800 x 600 pixels and 318 dpi into every mini print
  • LED strip around the INSTAX button, tells you the app’s mode and status
  • Print Mode – Zoom, crop and rotate any photo then swipe up to print
  • Prints video from your smartphone (any still frame from video)
  • Make collages, add frames, add filters to any photo and print
  • Want a duplicate copy? Turn printer upside down and press the INSTAX button
  • Match Test – Take a photo of you and a friend, both answer questions and print your match results on the photo.
  • Party Print – add your friends names, select layout, add photos together or in secret, print your creation

Of course, I used my good dog, Maya, to try out my new INSTAX Mini Link. No flashing lights or loud clicks, just aim my phone and take the photo, edit, add any filters and print. It takes just a moment to develop and see the image. Uses Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Film.

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Below is the INSTAX Hybrid Mini LiPlay camera. It prints and takes the same film as the Mini Link above, but also is a camera that works with a free app and your phone. Print from your phone or your LiPlay. Use the LiPlay to grab photos from your phone to edit and print. You control how to shoot and print your memories.

  • Angles – combo of digital LCD screen and selfie mirror 
  • Once you’ve finished snapping, select the best one, two or even three shots to print before sharing
  • Use LiPlay as your Smartphone’s personal printer
  • 30 creative and fun frames and filters to pick from, plus a flash you can turn on or off
  • When the new ‘record and covert to QR’ mode is selected, a short sound clip is recorded with every shot
  • Working with your Smartphone, you can control this clever little instax camera remotely via Bluetooth
  • 3 shortcut buttons located handily on the side of the camera. Pick your favorite design frames, program them in and they’re ready when you are
  • Image sensor -1/5-in., CMOS with primary color filter
  • Approximately 45 images in internal memory, approximately 850 images per 1GB in micro SD/micro SDHC memory card

When you find the filters or settings you love most, it is easy to save 3 of them to quickly select for the shot you want. I love this with the Instax Hybrid Mini Liplay Camera because I tend to choose hearts and ‘love’ filters for my dogs and now I have it all set and ready to choose for their photos so I am not finding them each time.

It only takes 90 seconds for the picture to develop. The LCD screen gives you added view or use your phones view mode or live mode.

The INSTAX Mini LiPlay is available at Macy’sStaplesWalmart

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