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Front Porch Classics Tabletop Shuffleboard

A few months ago we went to a relatives birthday party at a local gathering spot that was an old school turned hotel and restaurant row. In the main pub we ate at there were table games of darts and shuffleboard. It was where everyone gathered. First the kids gravitated to it as it was in the family dining area and then everyone was taking turns with rounds of Shuffleboard.

At home here we keep our shuffleboard as the “centerpiece” of the game room coffee table and it always gets played with. Neighbor kids gravitate to it all the time. How fun to see 10 year olds taking on a game of shuffleboard with heir video game remotes tossed aside?!

Anthony wanted to share a video with you that we titled, How to Score a Game of Shuffleboard. This will let you see a full round and how to score that round.

With this shuffleboard, Front Porch Classics brings pub-style shuffleboard home with this realistic, high quality, wooden table top version. It is a 2-piece board that fits well together and has adjustable legs to get the board nice and even on your surface for an even game.

This game ends when the first person reaches 15 points to be the champion. If you are a skilled shuffleboard player a full game can end in as little as 2-3 rounds, but the average I would imagine is about 5-6 rounds. A round is each of the 2 players sliding their 4 colored pucks as far down as possible without falling into the gutter of the board.

You can get your own Front Porch Classics Shuffleboard at Amazon!

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Mary Gardner

This looks like a great game for something different for our Friday night family game nights!