French Blue Wine puts an American twist on French rosé

French Blue Wine puts an American twist on French rosé

If there is a wine that makes you feel relaxed or refreshed on a hot day or has you flying through hours with friends, it is a good French rosé. A good rosé has just enough grape skin for some color, but it is not a red wine. French rosé is best when chilled and pairs great with your summer favorites – salads, seafoods and great with Spanish dishes (try a rosé with some empanadas or fresh tortillas)! French Blue Wine is not French, however, it is American.

French Rose wine

French Blue Wine 2020 Bordeaux Rosé has an American twist on French rosé. What is American about it? It is in the blend of fresh-cut flavor of watermelon, strawberry, and cherry. It is crisp and so refreshing for a hot summer day or evening or any time of year that you need to feel warm again.

French wine

Stephanie Rivin is the Creator of French Blue Wine. She wanted to bring and keep a piece of France with her in the US. Look for French Blue Wines at Whole Foods, World Markets, Target, Kroger and Visit French Blue Wines to see more.

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