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Freestyle Drawing and Tracing with SmART Sketcher

At 11, Anthony loves to draw. In particular, he likes to take his favorite video game or TV characters and make art as well as learn to draw. When I saw the SmART Sketcher I loved that it was so portable and the lighting was excellent for displaying the traceable images. But, it was the fact that Anthony can take any image he wants from photos we take to images he finds online and turn them into traceable art that has him hooked.

Freestyle drawing is for the talented, but smART Sketcher is for those who want to draw and need the guidance. The app that accompanies the projector and allows you to grab from your phone images is free and works on iOS and Google devices.

There are over 50 pre-loaded activities (on an included micro SD card) within the projector itself and the app is a great way to navigate through those activities. Image uploads are only one of many ways to use your projector.

Anthony is very much into the Season 3 of Stranger Things since it’s release this week, so he wanted to find images to draw such as this one with Steve in his ice cream shop which is a scene from the show.

The projector comes ready to draw and also with 20 sheets of paper and some colored pencils. Step-by-step instructions guide small hands through the entire process. 

Available Now at all major retailers (Amazon, Target, Walmart, QVC and more) Ages 5+. MSRP $59.95.

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