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Fisher Price Dough Dots incorporates the packaging as part of the play

Fisher Price Dough Dots incorporates the packaging as part of the play

Easy to open balls and airtight to preserve the dough! That’s what these colored Dough Dots are all about. Fisher Price has brought fun dough to mold and create with and then once stored back inside the balls you can play with those too!

They have put them together with sets including shapes, cutters and other tools to make the colors come to life. They are all rated for ages 3+. Mini bags are a hit and they have those too!

Just look how independently these kids in the video below can have fun with the Fisher Price Dough Dots.

Each ball features a stamp that can be used to decorate and create patterns and designs on the modeling dough that comes inside. Find the following sets for the Holiday gift list:

  • Dough Dots! Individual Packs
  • Dough Dots! 4-Pack Rectangle
  • Dough Dots! 6-Pack Take Along Tube
  • Dough Dots! 8-Pack Cube Box
  • Dough Dots! 12-Piece Super Cute Playset
  • Dough Dots! Squeeze and Mold Transparent Backpack

Shopping for Fisher Price Dough Dots

Available at Dough-Dots.com and on Amazon

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