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Refrigerated Mac & Cheese by Three Bridges

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Three Bridges is known for their pre-made, gourmet and refrigerated pastas and sauces. And now their newest addition is the refrigerated Mac & Cheese. It conveniently stores in the refrigerator and cooks up in minutes. You don’t even have to wait for pasta to boil. Then eat it as is or dress it up by adding meats or vegetables.


Three Bridges Creamy Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese Kit is made with natural, clean ingredients and nothing artificial whatsoever. No  mystery cheese sauce or powder in this dish. Three Bridges uses rBST-free, fresh cheddar cheese and partially cooked elbow macaroni for pasta food that tastes great.


Cooking it takes about 3 simple minutes: simmer your favorite milk, add in the cheese and ready-cooked elbow macaroni, then stir, serve and enjoy.


Three Bridges pasta dishes are available at grocers near you. Visit the Three Bridges website to see all of the products.


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