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Fire Prevention Month Fire Prevention Kit Giveaway

Have you ever needed to change your smoke alarms because it keeps beeping at you? Have you ever taken it down because you perhaps don’t have a spare 9V or to get it to stop until you can change it? What would the odds be that a fire breaks out that day or two you unplug it? I can personally tell you that our oldest barely made it out of the old home, the family home of my husbands, he was renting as my in-laws relocated.

One night they awoke to their puppy anxious. His, then, girlfriend went to the door and that’s when she felt heat and glowing orange light from beneath the bedroom door. She opened it and saw the flames from floor to ceiling n the living room-the couch was blazed and smoke everywhere. No smoke alarm because they had just unplugged it to get it to stop beeping. They had to open the front door to escape and that Oxygen coming in caused the front windows to explode out behind them. The house was a total loss. They all made it out and by the grace of God their roommate who had a room in the back of the house had stayed out all night and was not home. The cause? Their puppy’s stuffed toy was wedged under the space heater and it ignited while they were sleeping.

Don’t ever think you can be unprepared for even just a night. In fact, as I write this we had an incident tonight. Our (same son) had his newer electric car left in our driveway and was charging it from our heavy duty cord into our garage wall. When I got home I could smell burning in the garage, like plastic real bad. I looked everywhere and could not find the source. Then our son noticed his car was not charging which led us to that outlet that seemed normal and we picked up the electric cord wheel and it was hot!! I mean-very hot to the touch. Then we notice it was melting the cord onto itself where it was still wound. That was it and tripped the garage breaker thank goodness or that could have ended real bad with us not home and 3 puppies inside! See! It can happen at an instant!

Do you have a family plan? First of all, do you have smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in all the right places and are they with fresh batteries? Do you have backup batteries on hand? If you have an integrated system, do you look up often to make sure the green light is on to indicate it is still connected? Hey…I did one day in our new home and noticed the one in my son’s room was not green. The electrician came out and a wire was shorted and disconnected. That’s a new system in a new home!

I hope I got you thinking, maybe a tad paranoid. Good! Let’s get prepared! First Alert really wants to help me help you! First Alert’s created the first residential smoke alarm and has stayed committed to keeping you safe with tips and alarms so you can stay prepared.

After tonights incident I never really thought about putting a smoke alarm in my garage. But, I then thought that because of the fire door a fire can be burning in there for quite sometime and I may not ever know it until it is out of control. I put one in the garage tonight!

Let’s get you prepared and have a giveaway! First Alert would like to send 1 winner of this giveaway a Fire Prevention Kit including (4)10-Year Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (MSRP: $49.99 each)!

But wait…..

There is a highly respected blogger who owns the site What U Talkin Bout Willis and her husband owns the blog Just last night (as I write this) they lost everything in a house fire including one of their beloved dogs. The other ran and is still missing. I want to dedicated this fire prevention post to them and share their fundraiser page on GoFundMe. Can you hop over and give it a heart or donation?  They would highly appreciate it. Even stopping over to their blogs and commenting on posts and sharing articles helps them out financially on their sites!

Now for the Giveaway! Enter below. Open to US and 18+. It ends on October 31, 2018. Good luck!

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Fire Prevention Month Fire Prevention Kit Giveaway

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Comment: I was sent a Fire Prevention Kit as compensation and these are my own original thoughts for you. 


MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.

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