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Find Me! Adventure Books – Play Hide-and-Seek with Forest and Ocean Friends

Find Me! Adventure Books

New and available in time for the Easter baskets are the new Find Me adventure books! The kids will play hide and seek in these look and find pages with animals they love.

forest friends

In Find Me! Adventures in the Forest, Bernard the Wolf is looking for his friend who is hiding in the forest. He needs help to find him. Along the way there are over 100 objects to also find.

In Find Me! Adventures in the Ocean you are doing exactly the same as the forest. You are helping Bernard the Wolf find his friend in different (ocean) scenes this time. Still with over 100 other objects to find.

These books are available for preorder on Amazon and the release date is April 7, 2020. Pre-order in Prime today and they should arrive by Easter! Send them to loved ones too!

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