Why You Should Finally Grow Out Your Hair

It’s probably safe to say that having considerably long hair can sometimes prove to be quite the chore. Of course, it can’t be that bad if people still do it, it’s just that objectively speaking having short hair is much easier. People often cite things like “taking much less time to wash and dry your hair”, or “It doesn’t get caught up in various things when you’re trying to get something from deep within a cupboard where you have to dive in face-first”. While those may not exactly be wrong, having long hair is its own reward. Of course, we are not exclusively talking about being more attractive to others or anything along those lines, although that’s been cited too as according to the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, men prefer girls with long hair. There are actually several much more tangible reasons which can be felt straight away, on a day-to-day basis by just about anyone who decides to make the switch. If you’re still listening, and looking for that one reason or excuse you needed for a while to finally stop cutting your hair and grow it out, then keep on reading.

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Despite the previously mentioned arguments against having long hair which bring up practicality, there are also practical reasons to have long hair. One of them being rather obvious, and is the fact that longer hair will keep you warmer. Yes, newsflash, long hair does actually protect you from the cold, it’s there for a reason.

If music is not something you can live without and having to take off your headphones for just about any occasion during the day seems like an intrusion on your human rights, then worry not, because long hair can save you from that too. If you wear in-ear headphones then simply letting your hair down can cover your headphones rather effectively, and you can bet that nobody will randomly try to lift your hair to check if you happen to be wearing headphones, because that would be rather strange.

If you’re feeling crafty, then you could always turn your presumed disadvantage, into an advantage by simply flipping the argument on someone. If your friends or family are pestering you into going out somewhere but you’re not really feeling up for it, you can always just say that “My hair is wet, and you know how long that takes to dry.”, or “Sorry I just put conditioner on my hair and I am not willing to wash it off right now just to go through that effort again.”. Relatable, and understandable for just about anyone who had to deal with it.

Despite being the supposedly more “practical” option, short hair usually has to be styled in order to look effective. Now, looks aren’t everything, but if you could have the option of looking good purely because you brushed your hair in the morning, wouldn’t you take it?

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Feeling good about yourself

Sometimes we don’t really need any more reason to do something other than the idea that it makes us feel slightly better about ourselves. Whether it’s a new cardigan or some new socks that nobody even knows you have on other than yourself, we’ve all been in that situation where our day is made simply because of one seemingly random reason. Your long hair could possibly be one of those mysterious reasons.

Having long hair is often associated with being healthy and youthful, as long as it is kept in good condition of course. Fortunately enough, it doesn’t really take too much to keep long hair in good condition, as long as you don’t skip out on your usual routine maintenance.

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Long hair can not only look good, but give you a sense of feeling rather luxurious. No matter what way you look at it, having something so flowing, shiny, and pleasant to the touch constantly around your head and neck is bound to feel good no matter what.

Unlike short hair, long hair fits just about any face shape and build. Perhaps that’s due to the versatility of long hair in itself, but that does not discredit it in any way. While only some people look good with short hair, just about anyone can look good with long hair, the only reason people bring up anecdotes on how “their friend looked weird when they grew their hair out” is because they are most probably just not used to it. If that was how they were when they initially met, it would be the opposite, and they probably could not imagine them with short hair.

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Speaking of versatility, the more hair you have, the more real estate you have to work with. You can get as creative or as lazy as you want, and whether you just tie your hair back into a simple-yet-effective ponytail or go out of your way to get something much more elaborate done with your hair if you so desire.

It doesn’t take a genius to style long hair in a way where it looks effective, while anyone with short hair has to look up guides online on how to style a pixie cut. Of course, if you wish, you can always look up how to do various hairstyles with long hair too, and you most definitely will have more options that way. In fact, some pixie cuts themselves require a bit more than a few inches of hair, so if you have mid-length or slightly shorter hair then that’s always a possibility.

If you don’t really know where to get started on your newfound journey to long-haired enlightenment, then worry not because there are several places online which are willing to help you with that. There are a plethora of resources for both caring about your hair, and styling it. If you need to look up some hairstyles, you can get started here or with a simple google search, and for some long hair care look no further than this website.

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