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Fight those allergens with all® Free Clear products

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I love this time of the year! The days are long and warm and I also love the smell of fresh cut lawns and gardens in full bloom! The things that smell so great and remind us that we are in the spring and summer months also can make us miserable as they all contain potent allergens that many of us suffer from. In this house, we all suffer quite a bit from outdoor allergens. This spring, my 6 year old got his first sinus infection. We live in Wa. State and it has been unusually warm this spring so allergens were high very early this season. Many were not prepared. We do take the right medications and flush our sinuses, but when we decide to come inside, we are not completely out of the clear from those outdoor allergens. They can carry inside on our clothing! all® laundry knows this and so they have the Free Clear line of laundry products meant to get those allergens off of our clothing and fabrics. 
Using this all line of laundry products such as the all® Free Clear OXI Laundry Booster and Mighty Packs together will be sure to tackle those allergens for you in the wash!
I add a scoop of the all® Free Clear OXI Laundry Booster into the drum of my washer with my clothes. This helps boost my laundry detergent so I can get cleaner, whiter and brighter clothes. This comes from the #1 Dermatologist recommended detergents for sensitive skin and can also be used around the house and in your car to remove stains. It costs less than similar products and is hypoallergenic and free of dyes and perfumes.

I also use the all® Free Clear OXI Mighty Packs as my detergent and also throw one in the drum of my washer with my clothes. I get stainlifters™ to help tackle the toughest stains like my sons baseball pants and white socks. These mighty packs are safe on sensitive skin and dermatologist recommended. They are also hypoallergenic and free of dyes an perfumes. 
Now these do not claim to treat or prevent allergies, but we know we carry those allergens inside on our clothing ad those can be washed away with quality detergents such as the all® Free Clear line.
Do you suffer from allergens this time of year?
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