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Celebrating National Clean Up Your Room Day with Febreze Tower Air Purifier

I have partnered with Febreze for this feature

Celebrating National Clean Up Your Room Day with Febreze Tower Air Purifier

Did you know that May 10 is National Clean Your Room Day? Every Friday is my National Clean the House Day. I love to start the weekend dust free, floors all clean and the house in shape. Both my husband and I hate clutter so we we work together to maintain a house I can feel comfortable showing if anyone were to stop by any day of the week. I can mop, dust, sanitize and scrub but I cannot control the air and certain odors. For that I need a machine like the Febreze Tower Air Purifier.

The Febreze Tower Air Purifier does 3 things for your home (and health). First of all it has 3 cleaning levels to clean the air in the room. The HEPA-Type filter removes up to 99% of air pollutants & allergens such as dust, smoke, pollen and pet hair & dander that passes through the filter so you breathe fresher air. This tower is designed for large rooms and you can find a desktop and mini versions for smaller spaces.


Second, the Febreze Air Purifiers emits fresh air scents by simply inserting a Febreze cartridge (your first one is included). This is just a nice added bonus that not only does it clean the air but leaves a pleasant scent in the room.

The third feature of the Febreze Air Purifiers is that in the way the purifiers circulate & filter’s the room air up to 5 times an hour it literally eliminates odors. All controls from scent intensity to circulation levels are controlled at the top of the unit for easy access.

You can find Febreze Air Purifier units Nationwide in stores like Walmart and Best Buy.

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