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Father’s Day: Bacon Jerky Bouquet

I was sent samples for feature

My husband is a huge jerky fan and I think it is safe to say most men (and women) are! We love jerky in this house and even can be a bit of a jerky snob at times because we go for the quality meats and products. Now when you get a fresh bag of jerky, you get strips or slabs of moist dehydrated beef, but with Chef’s Cut Bacon jerky, you get bacon slices that taste like candy!
I have done many gift baskets for gifts for different occasion and food baskets are always a hit. I like to find a good bottle of wine, some crackers and some sort of meat and canned snacks.  Jerky is my go-to meat for gift baskets and with the colorful packages of the delicious flavors of Chef’s Cut Bacon Jerky you can give dad a bacon bouquet to devour.
Chef’s Cut’s new line of Bacon Jerky flavors include-
  • Applewood: a blend of sugar, honey and applewood smoke flavors, this flavor os like candy.
  • Sriracha: touched with the popular sriracha flavor that is sweet and spicy
  • Maple: a blend of maple and brown sugar is a delicious and sweet flavor


Chef’s Cut Bacon Jerky offers you hand-cut, uncured bacon that is thin and crispy. It is slow cooked for tenderness and high in protein with about 120-140 calories a serving. You will not find gluten or nitrates in this brand of jerky.
You know Dad wants some! You also know that you need extra bags because there is no way he will be sharing his. This time of year we celebrate dad and even our students as they graduate and head off to College and you cannot go wrong with a jerky, especially when that jerky is bacon.
Visit https://www.chefscutrealjerky.com/ In my area I can find this brand at Kroger and Safeway store.
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