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Family Game Night with Brady Bunch and Home Alone Board Games

I was sent games for the feature

Family Game Night with Brady Bunch and Home Alone Board Games


The Brady Bunch Game

Available at Target stores Ages 9+ Published by Big G Creative $24.99 MSRP

A blast from the past and my favorite blast ever!! I am a huge Brady Bunch fan and I could watch  a Brady Bunch marathon for days. Just as in the show, Alice is on top of it all and she is trying to find the Troublemaker in this game! Are you the Troublemaker?

This is played with a minimum of 3 players and best at closer to 8 players. 1 person play Alice and the rest choose a character (one of the Brady kids). This is a game of bluffing and deduction. Just think of the game ‘Clue’, it is along those lines. You can work to help Alice out or work to cover up for your ‘siblings’.


  • 48 Mischief Cards
  • 14 Snoop Cards
  • 8 Character Tiles
  • 8 Tile Bases
  • 6 Reference Cards
  • 4 Cookies
  • 3 Help Tokens
  • 1 Round Marker (1 full game is 4 rounds)
  • 1 Game Board
  • Instruction Booklet

Home Alone Game

Available at Target stores – Ages 8+ Created by Big G Creative $19.99 MSRP

“You Filthy Animal”! A classic for the holidays and now a board game for the family. This new game will be a hit on your next family game night. It is fun enough that those under 8 will enjoy watching over a shoulder and getting in on the fun. You play with 2-4 players.

Kevin needs to defend the house! As in the movie, the Wet Bandits want to steal loot. What will be your game position? Will you be a bandit and try to steal or be Kevin and defend with a variety of arsenal and contraptions? You bring the actual movie to life as you work through this game in a 5 step process: Draw, Loot, Kevin attempts, Bandits attempt and Clean-Up!

If I had to choose a game to relate this too, as different as it is I would say Battleship. Only because it is sort of a jab, jab- hit or miss type of game!


  • 2 Player Boards (Kevin and Bandits)
  • 74 Cards
  • 3 Location Tiles
  • 1 Die
  • Instruction Booklet

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