Family activities to do in the garden

Family activities to do in the garden
Photo by Marissa Price on Unsplash

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful garden where you live, then the warmer months are the perfect time to make the most of it with your family. However, your children probably won’t be content to sit and take in the peace and tranquillity, so you’ll need to come up with some fun activities that you can all do together. If you’re drawing a blank, this blog has you covered. Take a look at these amazing activities you could do together this summer:

Get planting

The beauty of having your own garden is that you can plant anything you like in its soil. This is what makes spending time in your own garden so different from visiting a park or woodland trail and it’s about time your children discovered that. Whether you decide to plant a birch tree for a classic look, lots of flower beds for a more colorful aesthetic, or a vegetable patch filled with tomatoes and carrots for a more sensory touch, your children will love getting their hands dirty and helping out. 

Have a picnic

Picnics don’t always have to take place in a far-off location. In fact, the best way to make use of your garden is to have your meals outside. Buy a large picnic blanket and some fun plastic plates and cups and enjoy having pizza or sandwiches out on the lawn. While you can create all kinds of unique snacks for your picnic, if you want to make it a regular event, you could have many of your regular meals outside too.

Play some sports

Children of all ages need to be active and get some exercise regularly, so playing sports together is a great way to encourage them. Sports that can be played in the garden include badminton, tennis, cricket, and football, but if your children aren’t excited by those, have a skipping or hula hooping competition instead. It doesn’t matter what kind of game or sport you make up, as long as you’re moving around and having fun.

Take some photographs

Have you ever wanted to do a family photo shoot but aren’t sure if a studio is your thing? Photos in the garden are much more interesting than those shot with a simple white background. Set up a tripod and take some snaps of you and your kids enjoying the natural world together. These photos will be much more important and memorable than those taken by a professional. What’s more, they’ll showcase your beautiful home and garden so you can see how that changes over the years as well.

Learn about nature

Children are naturally curious and nature is just begging to be explored. If you have many different plants in your garden, equip your children with a simple guidebook and challenge them to spot various flowers or bushes in your garden. If they find a certain number, tell them they can have a sticker or treat as a reward for all their hard work.

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These are all great recommendations! However I don’t have a garden at my house 🙁 I hope I will have a chance to do these with my family some day.


this is really amazing and helpful article. thanks for sharing this article.