Fall Fashion 2019 Finds: Hand-Picked Earrings from Twice Shy

The jewelry rack! I cannot walk by it without peeking what’s on sale lately. Just when I think I have enough earrings and necklaces I find myself unable to find the right piece one night when needing to dress up. I need some silver, some gold, some color and all lengths and shapes. Slowly but surely we build that collection of jewelry pieces. Now I add two pieces from Twice Shy and they have become my favorites!

Twice Shy is created by twin sisters – one lives in the US and the other sister lives in Korea. They both find jewelry, hand-picked by them, and offer on their website so you get unique earrings for all occasions and styles.

I love this gold earring called, Juniper Lotus Studs. The juniper hangs lightly from the back of the ear and the stud goes in front. They come in gold and silver and can be dressed up or down.

Photo Source: Twice Shy Shop

Below is the Forget Me Knot Studs in silver, also available in gold. It is nickel-free and such a simple but fun look. I like to play with its direction from hanging to sideways climbing my ear. So great with a fun top and pair of jeans!

There are so many more fun styles like these two and to know that other gals went and hand-picked these as everyday wear and unique designs makes it fun because I have not seen many similar and great quality in stores lately. You’ll love the prices too! Twice Shy makes a great fall fashion 2019 find!

Photo Source: Twice Shy Shop

Visit Twice Shy shop

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