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How To Experience Great Wolf Lodge in Under 24 Hours

I was provided Paw Passes in exchange for this feature. I attended GWL on my own and opinions are my own

On the last day of school we hoped into the car and joined friends for a night at the Grand Mound, Wa. Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate the start of summer. It was the best way to celebrate with these new fifth grade boys. We have been before and this time was a bit different and actually the most fun we have had. The difference is that we had Paw Passes and we crushed our stay in less than 24 hours!

When you reserve your stay (or at check in) you have 3 play options to choose from which is a fantastic way to save in more ways than one! I’ll explain…..

For the littles, the Pup Pass is a great start and for the older boys the Paw or Wolf passes are best. Have you ever been to Great Wold Lodge and seen families with these large paws around their necks? These families know how to save and I wish I had discovered or really jumped on board sooner. We checked in and the passes were waiting for us and so was our room at 1:30 – bonus! We were able to go grab all our bags and go upstairs right away to change and head to the water area. After some swim time we changed and grabbed the passes to begin some indoor fun!

Here is the back of the Paw Pass $79.99 (saves over $32 in activities). First we sent the boys to do a quest. They have done this before and even have wands so they chose toppers and played MagiQuest. Because we bought the pass I didn’t have to bring any cash downstairs-it is all pre-paid and off they were running the halls. Us adults went upstairs to get dinner ready.

After dinner they wanted to have some arcade time and they got a game card with 20 points loaded because of the Paw Pass (that’s about $5 free pre-loaded). We added some more cash and off they went. They actually played day 1 and day 2 and were able to save the tickets on their cards from day 1 and combine when we left for their prizes.

After dinner and arcade they wanted to check more off of their Paw Pass list so off to the candy shop where they got to fill an entire cup with any of the bulk candy on the wall. Then next door was Oliver’s Mining Experience where they got to mine for gems. At this point I still have not spent any money besides the extra I put on his arcade card.

One more item to check off for the night…. Creation Station characters! There were many to choose form and Anthony chose Oliver. The game was down you play with after creating your stuffie so they offered us a free backpack and GWL character tee. 

Up to the room to munch on their candy and rest and then at 8pm was a BINGO game downstairs. We played a few games and all 3 boys managed to come away with wins. They pick lots of winners each round so winning is common and they got husky pups.

That was day one! They crashed right away and woke up wanting more water fun. The best time to hit the water park is right when it opens in the morning. A quick run to Starbucks downstairs (Amen to a Starbucks inside), made them waffles and to the waterslides where it is quiet in the morning with no waterslide lines. They had many rounds of slides with little lines. Once it came close to checkout we went upstairs to change but we still have a Paw Pass item and arcade points to spend.

At Great Wolf Lodge you check out at 11 but do not have to leave. Come back in and have some more fun! We completed our last Paw Pass experience in the gift shop where the boys chose a bracelet and got to engrave a name on it. Anthony wanted one for his puppy’s kennel so he chose pink and put Maya’s name on it. He traded in his arcade tickets for a Spiderman character and them homebound! The boys (and us gals) were beat!

The only item on the Paw Pass we did not do was the glitter tattoo ($8 value) because none of the boys were into it but the little girls in the Creation Station the boys offered it too were so excited. The crew allowed the boys to donate their tattoo item to these little girls we saw inside so it got used.

How the Paw Pass really saves!

When you arrive your room and any passes have been paid for if you chose them at purchase time. What I found is that I would spend so much more at GWL without passes and there are 2 reasons for this. The cost of the Pup, Paw and Wolf Passes save you an average of $30 because you bundled and pre-paid for activities in a package. When we don’t have a pass, we also don’t have a plan. There is so much to do and it all costs money.

With the pass the boys are so focused on getting all they can off their passes they aren’t constantly asking for money here and there. No, they didn’t golf or play both Quest games and they would want to do it all normally but these passes were a way to confine them and they never asked to do above and beyond. They had enough going on to keep them occupied. The passes save right away and give your kids a range to stay within.

So, what did we pay for inside the park? We brought our own food so no meal money was spent. We did pass by a bar where the boys were so excited to see Italian Sodas only I read it better to see they were Red Bull Italian Sodas so the guy at the bar told them he could make them sprite Italian Sodas and charged us $3.10 each. Deal! I gave my son $20 to add to his arcade card. I got coffee at Starbucks that my friend actually bought me, but still an expense for us. That’s it! $80 passes plus an extra $25. Know what I have dropped without a plan or pass inside before? At least twice as much! I am very proud how little after checkin we got away with and it makes it much more enticing to get back again soon. Oh and our stay was a Groupon deal so we still saved a ton on the room.

Our suggestion for Great Wolf Lodge

As we stood in line at the top of the waterslides we can see the Rope’s Course outside. It is a bit pricey but fun. Then my friend asks why GWL doesn’t offer a Teen Pass? There are many teens roaming and that would be fantastic. We figured maybe they can have some rope time. They can trade things like mining, bracelets and stuffed animal creation for more arcade points, slices of pizza, Ice Cream scoop, T-Shirt or water bottle from gift shop. They can maybe redeem for a room dedicated for teens (that would be fun to offer) for a movie or perhaps GWL swim area stays open a half hour longer and uses that as teen time for a small fee or free with a Teen Pass. We thought about our boys getting older and still having a blast but they won’t be into stuffed animals anymore so there is plenty that could be available for a pass for them. Maybe?

Visit Great Wolf Lodge and choose the Pass package that fits each of your family members!



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GiGi Eats

I think it’s actually fun when I have a super limited amount of time at a place because I have to be EXTRA picky and I feel like I appreciate the place more as well!

Jessica Joachim

I wish we had a Great Wolf Lodge close to me! I have been wanting to go but we don’t have any in Florida like at all!


This hangout is preety cool! I love candies!


Looks like you got a lot done! That Paw Pass sounds like something really handy to have


this looks like yous had a blast there. there is a lot to do there within the 24 hours


What a neat place to take the kids during summer vacation! There are so many fun activities for the family 🙂

Lauryn R

This place looks like so much fun! I definitely want to take my kids here someday very soon, I love all of the fun family themed activities that they have! I am also a big fan of the rooms that they offer. 🙂

Mr. MFC @ Morning Fresh Cent

We were at the Southern California location when it first open. If only we knew about these tips we would have totally fully taken advantage of the wolf.

Najeem mujeeb

What a great and beautiful place to take the children and family at large during summer vacation! There are so many fun activities for the family. Keep it up


We want to go there so badly! I’m hoping we can sneak in a stay sometime this summer.

Sondra Barker

Such a fun place for the kids.


Omg! What a fun experience. My daughter will surely love that place especially the candy store!


How fun! I’ve been to two great Wolfe lodges and really enjoyed my stay. I didn’t know much about the Paw Pass so I appreciate you sharing.

Sayanti |

The Paw Pass seems like a savior and is great to have. It’s good that you were picky as you had less time to explore.


What great tips! It can be so hard to try to do everything in one day. I love great wolf lodge, the next time I visit one, I’ll have to check out your tips!


These are great tips! You guys look like you had such a blast especially the boys! I’ve never visited but would love too!


I have been dying to go here! But my kiddos are so little I’m not sure it would be as fun just yet but man I wanna go there just for me lol it looks awesome!


This is an awesome place, wish I live in your area so I can take my kids there. Honestly, we are getting a bit bored with Disneyland and Mickey. LOL

Princess Quinn

What a steal! I think I should get some passes too so my kids could have more fun. I personally like the candy station. Lol! I love sweets. And, who says no to sweets?

Heather Barber McMechan

What a wonderful place to explore with the kids. Their faces say it all.

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Dana Brillante-Peller

I’d love to check this place out with the boys. They’d love the candy area with all those sweets.

Kim Pincombe-Cole

We’ve been to Great Wolf Lodge in the Cincinnati area. We tied it in with a visit to Kings Island Amusement Park. Such a great vacay for th kids…

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