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Exfoliate and Hydrate Your Lips in 2 Steps

Winter! Winter skin! Worse yet, Winter Lips! They are dry, chapped and in desperate need of moisture. I am sure you have a tube of short-fix chapstick in your purse or car, but it takes more than that to truly heal your lips.

Like your skin, exfoliating to remove dead cells is the best regimen to hydrate your lips. Once you get down to the bottom of exfoliating you need to add moisture back in that lasts and keeps hydrating. I use 2 Sara Happ products together and I love my lips this winter.

I use The Lip Scrub – Pink Grapefruit (they also have 5 other lip flavors. The exfoliate scrub eliminates dry, flaky skin, immediately leaving lips soft and supple.

I then follow up with their best-selling Lip Slip Balm. This deeply hydrating lip treatment doesn’t just coat the lips, but brings lips back to life using restorative natural oils in a comfortable cashmere-soft cream. You will see results are immediately.

Sara Happ does no animal testing and uses eco-friendly packaging. They care as much about ho there product is made and distributed as they do about your lip health. Visit Sara Happ to see tips and more products for healthier lips.

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