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This is my family. We live north of Seattle in the beautiful Pacific NW! This is my husband, Pete and I. We married in 2006 and had known each other for years prior. He has been married in the past and has 2 boys however, I had known the boys (vaguely) prior to then throughout the years. In 2008, we had a 3rd boy join the mix and Anthony is the little brother! The spoiled little brother! My husband works as a Regional Manager for O’Reilly Auto in Wa. State and travels quite a bit. I worked for many years in veterinary medicine and then human medicine (cardiology) before becoming a SAHM recently. I love to write and together, as a family, we love to travel, head to the dunes for some ATV riding and recently joined the local gun club-great way to connect with the teenager by spending a day at the range! 
This is Alan, the oldest born in 1992. He was the kid that gave us a headache with schoolwork, but never really got into trouble. Now he is the 22 year old every parent dreams of having. He calls almost daily, turns to us first for advise. Pays back debt, works hard and is independent. He is and always has been a car geek. This is him at the local drifting competition. He trades his cars in more frequently then anyone we know and can never leave them alone-tweaking them as he buys them. He followed in my husband’s footsteps and works at the O’Reilly’s Auto near his house as a shift manager. One day, he will either move to corporate in that chain or own his own detail shop-he’ll figure it out one day!
Travis was born in 1997. The end! OK-just kidding. Travis is sort of the easy one! He is independent in school and does well with little maintenance from us and is by far the most social child. He just got his first job working at the local golf course and he has been athletic his entire childhood until this year when his friends take priority over everything-don’t ask! We are working on that one 🙂 He is a good, respectful kid and will be our little college student. As of now, he thinks he wants to be a teacher. He is a great big brother as well and so far so good at spitting him out at 20, a decent man!
Anthony was born in 2008! He is 6 and thinks he’s 16! He uses that little smile to his advantage all of the time. You will find Anthony around town with me dressed in superhero costumes and toting his ‘weapons’ to fight off bad guys-just in case! He is a Mama’s boy and loves to be active. He has tried karate, soccer, swimming and now is in baseball! He loves his big brothers almost as much as Lego’s-almost! He is our child that is so fixated on his latest interests. Right now it is LEGO’s and all he talks about, breathes for and lives for is LEGO’s! He’ll tell the grocery clerk, grandma, his friends and anyone he is near how cool LEGO’s are. Recently, we were at the bank and he was going on about his new LEGO set and the banker (who has gotten to know us) looks at us and says..”last month, wasn’t it TMNT?” Yes it was! Anthony scored top of his Kindergarten in testing and is very well prepared for first grade!
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