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Beyond the Equator’s 5 Seed Butter is Allergen-Free and KETO-Friendly

Have food allergies? Beyond the Equator has you in mind as they created their 5 Seed Butters. These are free of 8 of the most common allergens so you can enjoy a delicious spread for your sandwiches or veggies and baking.

5 Seed Butters are free of wheat and gluten, egg, fish/shellfish, peanuts, soy, dairy, sesame and tree nuts. Also the butter is non-GMO, gluten-free, keto, and vegan. It doesn’t even need refrigerating!

I put it to the test since I am a regular peanut butter consumer. This is packed with seeds of known superfoods and so delicious! You can choose from creamy, crunchy, and unsweetened 5 Seed Butter.

I know several friends with nut allergies in their home and having a nut-free, seed butter is fantastic! The fact that it actually tastes good is a bonus. With chia and flax seeds I am happy with this seed butter because I get way more out of it as far as nutrients then my typical peanut butter.

Right now, Beyond the Equator 5 Seed Butters are found in select health food stores and markets, but you can easily order online at their website or on Amazon.

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lola Osinkolu

Thanks for this honest review! Would surely be helpful!