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Encourage Hand Washing with Splatz Natural Hand Soap Bubbles

Encourage Hand Washing with Splatz Natural Hand Soap Bubbles

If you have had hand washing battles with the kids and now you have to do hand checks to make real sure they really washed their hands correctly (especially in these times) how about making the task more fun for them? Maybe that will get those germ grabbers clean for once with Splatz hand soap bubbles that will encourage hand washing!

Inside is a ‘basket’ of bubbles. They are in this basket so that grabbing one out of the jar is simple. Each ‘bubble’ is filled with a natural hand soap that is also eco-friendly. The soap is made without: Parabens, BHT, synthetic dyes, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances.

Simply grab one bubble and give it a ‘SPLATZ’ and once it bursts open there is soap to wash with. There is a casing my son just tosses in the garbage beside the sink but it is safe for the environment if it ends up washing down the drain.

Splatz is made in the US (Massachusetts) and was developed by Harvard/MIT scientists. It was designed with kids in mind so that they learn good hygiene skills.

Splatz by One Fun is available to order. They make fun stocking stuffers too!

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megan allen

My kiddos would love this! I hadn’t heard of this product before. Thanks for recommending!!