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Elevated Dog Bowls for your Pet from Kitchen Dog

Would you ket your best friend eat of the floor?

Of course not and Kitchen Dog knows this. I have owned dog stations in the past and cleaning all the crevices are a pain. Worse is when you accidentally kick it and water spills everywhere. Kitchen Dog dishes float…off of the ground!

This was our set up before The Kitchen Dog….

And after installing The Kitchen Dog…

It was so easy to install and with some simple tools. I have a stud finder and that really helped to make it sturdy. When I want to clean it I just lift that whole back panel off of the bracket screwed into the wall and the dishes come out.

When you order your Kitchen Dog set you get to customize it. I chose an 8 cup dish for the water and the 6 cup dish for food and we have 2 medium sized dogs. This was a great size option. I don’t fill the water too often and it holds enough food for over a day for them.

Plot Twist! Maya, our oldest will only drink for the toilet. We have to keep the bathroom door shut at all times and even then she paces because she would hardly take water from her old water feeder. Now that we have the Kitchen Dog elevated dog bowls and it is installed at the right height for her she is going to the water dish now and not the toilet. I had no idea she was struggling at drinking water at floor level, but it makes sense!

They give you tips for best height selection. You have to measure from ground to your dog’s torso and use that height on the wall for the bracket. We have 2 dog’s and we measured Maya’s (the shortest of the 2) torso height. Leah does just fine even though she is a bit taller.

Comment: I was sent product. Opinions are 100& my own

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