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Elegear Ultra Soft Flannel Fleece Self-Warming Blanket makes a great gift

Elegear Ultra Soft Flannel Fleece Self-Warming Blanket

I stepped out of my Elegear Ultra Soft Flannel Fleece Self-Warming Blanket to share more about it with you. I may or may not be addicted to staying wrapped up in this large blanket. On Amazon this blanket is described as a Japanese Innovation Soft Thermal Blanket. This means there is a unique 3-layer construction of microfiber flannel that includes hygroscopic heating fiber, anti-static fiber, fuzzy flannel to keep you warm and cozy without sweat because it is also moisture wicking.

Even when the dog wants to watch TV (yes, she watches TV) she steals the warm blanket from us. Beside a fire with a large self-warming blanket is where we all desire to be.

Despite its soft, fleece it will not bring any static on those dry days. This is not just great for comfort to the touch but this means it does not grab and hold animal fur. I luck out in that my dogs breed do not shed fur in my home, but our oldest’s lab does and there is no constant washing to de-shed this blanket like I have to do with other blankets I own.

You can save right now! Not only is there a 10% coupon on Amazon, but you can stack it with my 20% offer I get to share with you: WCO6UQ56 vis this Amazon Buy Link. Head over now and save! Choose blue or grey.

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Dana Rodriguez

nds nice. I love the fact it doesn’t trap pet fur.

Sarah L

What a beautiful blanket. Just right for wrapping myself up and reading a good book.