Elegear Arc-Chill Revolutionary Cooling Comforter for the hot sleepers

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Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Comforter for the hot sleepers

A comforter with Jade embedded in the fabric? This Arc-Chill Stretch Fabric Cooling Comforter by Elegear is a game changer for hot and warm sleepers! Whether you need to stay cool in a hot room or you naturally sleep hot, this comforter uses Japanese Arc-Chill cool technology fabric to keep you cool. You will not ‘get cold’, but it has this silky-soft feel that absorbs and releases body heat, and reduce skin temperature by 2-5°C instantly. The best mattress for hot side sleepers does work for a more relaxed sleep. I find that when you are wrapped in the comforter for a while and you naturally begin to find warmth, I just lift up and drop it back down and I get that instant cool again. It really does work for a cooler sleep.

The fabric feels thin and lightweight, but the comfort is better than the fluffiest cover you may have. It is deceiving to look at and feel its lightness then wrap up in it and be blown away at how comfortable it is. Both sides are made with the cooling fabric and you do not sweat or have static. The fabric is OEKO-TEX certified and is friendly to sensitive skin. It comes in 2 sizes – a full size and queen size.

The comforter is filled with DARCON fibers to form a 3-D hollow structure which works well in adjusting the humidity and temperature. This helps keep the body from getting too cold while working to keep the heat away. The fiber stays in place with the single needle stitching and although you can wash kit, you need to let it air dry only. This is truly a great comforter choice that arrives wrapped and boxed to make it great for gift giving. Buy this Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Comforter on Amazon and save 10% with promo code: DOH25743 that expires 6/30/2022.

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