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ECOS Mother & Child Packaging Allows You To Reduce Plastic Consumption

ECOS Mother & Child Packaging Allows You To Bulk Buy & Is Eco-Friendly

For more reasons than one, this new bulk buy ECOS packaging is making my life so much easier. ECOS is a favorite brand of mine already because of its safe, eco-friendly and effective cleaning products but now they make packaging that helps my (already) out of control cleaning product shelves. It is called the Mother & Child packaging. Reduce Plastic Consumption with this new packaging!

ecos dish soap

This Mother & Child packaging is available for the dish soap and all-purpose cleaner. The smaller, everyday use size package snaps right into the refill package, making it really easy to use and reuse. The bottle you use everyday helps save you space in your cleaning shelves because of this genius design. 1 refill bottle gets you 5 full fills.

My fault is actually forgetting that I have a refill because I tend to tuck that extra bottle away and out of sight. I can literally snap these two pieces together with one hand. I still get the great environmentally-safe cleaner and save space by buying it this way while feeling good hat I can reduce plastic consumption at the same time.

ECOS laundry Reduce Plastic Consumption

If you want to know what other ways ECOS products help the environment, consider the ECOS Laundry Detergent sheets. It is not a pod or large plastic container of liquid, but simply a dissolving sheet you toss into your HE machine and wash your clothing and fabrics with hypoallergenic, plant-based detergent. I keep a box in the RV so when I do campsite laundry when we travel I can walk down with a sheet rather than pods that could burst open on me (I have had that happen before).

ECOS Mother & Child packaging makes it easy to be cost-conscious and reduce plastic consumption at the same time, while also keeping your family safe and healthy. You can find this design at Whole Foods stores.

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