Ecletticos is an artisanal brand with new products for Holiday gifting

Ecletticos is an artisanal brand with new products for Holiday gifting

When we first bought our RV it was important to me to gather items for it to make it feel like home away from home. I picked products that were comforting, sustainable while outdoors but that work well and allow us to function and relax. With the Holidays coming, the products at the artisanal brand, Ecletticos are creative and functional for everyday use in your home, RV or for gift-giving. There are so many varieties of comfort items like mugs, blankets, tableware and more.

Agra Blanket

This is The Agra Blanket. I love the colors and material. It is quite a statement piece on my couch next to a fire on a cool night. It is a cotton and polyester blend and can go in the washing machine. The Agra blanket is one of a few stunning blankets at Ecletticos.

Bodo Coffee Mug

The Bodo Coffee Mug is its own comfort statement – just look at it! It is an 18 ounce Bohemian-inspired vessel for hot or cold beverages. The handle is wood and the cup is kiln-glazed. They also have a smaller version, but you will love the look and feel of this mug to hold your morning coffee or tea.

I know you will love all of the gift ideas at Ecletticos for the Holidays. Shop now for the perfect gift.

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