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Eating Plants for Life: Joys of a Vegan Diet and Lifestyle

Eating Plants for Life: Joys of a Vegan Diet and Lifestyle
Photo by Alexandra Golovac on Unsplash

If you think a vegan diet is boring, think again. Plant-based recipes are exciting because they open up a new world of textures and flavors with spices and ingredients such as nuts and vegetables and greens such as leeks, watercress, and daikon. Research shows well-balanced plant-based diets are also extremely healthy.

Going vegan is mainstream now, so you will find it easier than in decades past to find tasty meat substitutes, vegan ingredients, and even plant-based dishes in restaurants. Veganism is not just about what you eat, though. It is an entire lifestyle that honors and respects the entire circle of life—animals, humans, trees and plants, and the planet we all share. There are many joys of a vegan lifestyle, and today it is simpler than ever to go vegan in all aspects of your life.

Vegan Diets

If you want to start following a vegan diet or are curious about going meat-free for a few days each week, there are many resources to guide you. Check out,,,, and for vegan recipe sections. You may never think about food the same way again.

Many restaurants now offer plant-based options for diners. For example, the popular Chili’s Grill & Bar has a generous plant-based fajita-style meal on its menu, if you skip the cheese and sour cream. When eating out or shopping for ingredients, look for the BevVeg Vegan Certification to be sure of plant-based choices.

Cruelty-Free, Plant-Based Products

As part of a vegan lifestyle, many people choose cruelty-free products that are plant-based. Labeling tactics are often confusing. The generic term “natural” is not the same as vegan or cruelty-free, and not all cruelty-free products are vegan.

Happily, vegan personal care products, from face creams to shampoos, have come a long way, and many are now highly efficacious. As more and more people choose healthier, kinder lifestyles, choices in vegan personal products have expanded.

Animal-Free Clothing

Vegans often avoid wearing leather and other clothing derived from animals, including inhumanely sourced wool, angora, and mohair. Often, feathers for comforters and pillows are also sourced cruelly. There are great alternatives for both. Faux leather products, from shoes to belts to bags, look great and stand up to heavy use, and alternatives to feathers are kinder to both animals and allergy sufferers.

A vegan lifestyle brings with it many joys, from exciting plant-based meals to effective skincare. Being part of the circle of life is rewarding, both psychologically and physically. You may find adopting a kinder, more mindful diet brings benefits that reach far beyond the kitchen.

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