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Ease the stress for your new College student with Follett

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Ease the stress for your new College student with Follett


Heading off to college is the first real step in independence as the kids near adulthood. They like to think they are independent and can handle larger responsibilities as they are in High School, but that determination comes with the comfort of laying their heads in their beds in our home at night. The independence that comes with college life means complete separation and that adds stress to anticipation of harder courses and working to afford tuition and books. We can’t make tuition go away and we can’t move into the dorms with them, but there are little things we can do in their Senior year of High School to help ease the stress as we #FallBackToSchool with Follett. Follett is here to support you and your student as you get ready for the big transition to college.


Keep them involved


One thing I have had to stop myself from doing with my stepson as he heads into his Senior year of High School is to do all the research and applications myself. I have a bit of control issues when deadlines need to be met and there are lists of items that need checked off to complete a process. I guess, I adopted the mentality of if I just do it myself, it is easier than chasing him down. There is something to be said about the itch the kids get when they see and do for themselves.


We took the 6 hour drive and coughed up a hotel room in April to take him to his top school of choice and do a tour. He met with the Engineering department, sat in the rooms and toured dorms and activity facilities on campus. He went not sure exactly what study area he wanted and left knowing exactly what he wants to do. Whether it is a drive to campus or sitting them down in front of that long application, let them see and feel that school. The motivation they gain is enough to watch them begin to take control and do for themselves. They learn to understand the process and that brings a bit of comfort to so many unknowns.


Make Senior year their year


We have a 7 year old still at home right now and he hears the College talk. “Did you fill out the scholarship forms?” “Did you get to the Counselors office?”, etc… he is hearing these constant conversations as admission deadlines near. There are times he is asking for video games and will hear “Honey, I have a lot of money going to your brother’s college applications.” We keep the youngest involved and informed. Right now Travis is the big brother role model and Anthony proudly goes around bragging that his big brother is trying to go to college. This is Travis’ year! This is the year that as he graduates with his great grades we will celebrate hard, the year where we know he needs an upgraded laptop and items for a dorm if he chooses a school far away.


Little brother knows and has become proud that some years may be his, but this year belongs to the Senior! Travis will feel the support and that’s important as they try to take care of that Senior year and stay focused.


Show them your spirit

Once they make it to Decision Day in May or sooner if they already know the College they will accept, it is time to show them the spirit so they begin to feel it too. One of my son’s top choices is Washington State University across the state. The school’s crimson & gray colors are seen all over this state. In Washington you are either a University of Washington Huskies fan or a Washington State Cougars fan. Wearing your purple and white or crimson and gray determines who you root for.


Follett has been partnering with schools and curriculums and have become a trusted source for educational materials, aids for students and even a bit of school pride items. I love browsing Follett’s Crimson & Gray store for Washington State University. If this becomes the school Travis chooses, we can all start to wear the school colors with pride and help him feel the support he gets from us.


I have my eye on several Cougar items I can use for his first care package I will leave behind in his dorm room. If he chooses another school, I can find those items on Follett too because when you click on their Higher education tab, you can be led to the campus store and find your school listed. Leaving your child with a fun care package and sending a few more throughout the year may be just what they needed after receiving a box on a hard, long day of classes. Fill it with study materials you’ll find on Follett to help them out or school spirit mugs, tees and blankets for warmth and comfort.



The most important tip is to remember that whether they show it or not, they are stressed a lot this year and as time draws near that need for comfort will grow within them. Keeping them involved, catering to them with extra attention and finding their spirit will be huge in filling them with ease during the stress of going off to College. Whether you are a parent or student, Follett is here to give you the resources you ned throughout all levels of education, so head on over and see where they take you!

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