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Earth Kiss vegan, certified organic Kombucha-based face masks

Earth Kiss takes your beauty both inside and out and allows you to feel the ultimate self-care. When we use beauty products that promote nutrients from nature’s bountiful array of plants, herbs, soils, and seeds, we feel better about ourselves and the sake of our environment.

The ingredient list of Earth Kiss face masks are 100% vegan, eco-ethical and cruelty-free. I have been experiencing their newest line, The Supernatural Range. This line of face masks use an array of superfoods and nutrients and are Kombucha-based masks that re-energize and elevate your skin’s overall tone, texture and appearance.

Included in The Supernatural Range

  • Kombucha + Charcoal Exfoliating Mask: kombucha, walnut-shell powder and charcoal powder
  • Kombucha + Hemp Clay Toning: kombucha, aloe vera, hemp seed oil
  • Kombucha + Turmeric Detoxifying Mask: kombucha, turmeric root extract, dead sea salt
  • Kombucha + Shitake Purifying Mask: kombucha, willow bark, shitake mushroom
  • Kombucha + Spirulina Hydrating Mask: kombucha, spirulina powder, dead sea salt

Find Earth Kiss masks on Amazon UK and ships to the US. Visit Earth Kiss to learn more. They make great stocking stuffers!

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Oh! I didn’t know Earth Kiss released a new line of kombucha face masks, I’ve only tried the Morrocan Clay Mask. Does this kambucha mask smell like kombucha? I’m not sure how I would feel about my face smelling like that afterwards.