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Earning our ChocZero Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cups Treat

Earning our ChocZero No Sugar Added Peanut Butter Cups Treat

The floors are out and demo has begun. After a plumbing accident we are having the floors downstairs replaced and also the wall where the leak occurred in repair. I am not really complaining as insurance and Contractor says that they don’t make our floors anymore so I have to choose new ones, oh darn!

However, once we were left with demo until the flooring guys can come in a few days we suddenly began to take advantage. Deep cleaning behind appliances because they are pulled out and repainting the entire downstairs while the floors are out and furniture is moved, why not? It’s been a race to get it all done in 2 days and I end my days starved and craving sweets albeit on Mother’s Day weekend also. Then my ChocZero Peanut Butter Cups arrived! No sugar-added chocolates that now my husband is trying to steal from me!

ChocZero candy

ChocZero is Keto-Friendly

I have never been so excited to see chocolate arrive! I first grabbed the white chocolate and Oh MY! They don’t even have a bad aftertaste despite the sugar-free, keto friendly ingredients! I already knew this because I typically eat the chocolate squares when I order from Amazon, but then they announced the peanut butter cups and offered to have me try them. Duh?! Seriously, you have to try them. I would choose these any day over other brands I have had.

Peanut Butter Cups no added sugar

Well, anyway the pick me up from these new chocolates helped! We are almost done! Hello Grays and goodbye Browns. And it didn’t cost me added sugar at the end of each demo and remodel day!

Available in milk, dark, and white chocolate, these cups are free of sugar (dark chocolate) no sugar-added (dark and white chocolate), soy and palm oil. ChocZero uses their innovative all natural, sugar alcohol free monk fruit to create a peanut butter cup that tastes as good as the classic you remember without any of the guilt. Visit ChocZero for all they offer!

Buy ChocZero on Amazon today! You’ll thank me later! Make sure to stock up at their site or on Amazon. These will be a hit!

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