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DREAMS AREN’T THIS GOOD Salsa is Inspired by the sights and sounds of NYC

DREAMS AREN’T THIS GOOD Salsa is Inspired by the sights and sounds of NYC

If there is one go-to evening snack for me it is hummus or salsa. I am not much into fire-hot salsas but I do appreciate a mild to medium salsa where I can taste the veggies, fruits and herbs that may be infused. I also don’t appreciate preservatives or added sugars. Those are not at all necessary in a good salsa.

I had not heard of Dreams Aren’t This Good Salsa and Tortilla Chips before I was sent a press release. I live near Seattle and this is clearly a NYC-based brand so it makes sense that I was not familiar. I saw the line, “Focused on flavors, not heat levels, all salsa flavors and tortilla chips are gluten free, vegan and contain no preservatives.”.

I then looked at their flavors and when I saw The Fighter (the garlic cilantro salsa) I had to give it a try. I love cilantro and garlic in about anything I cook. It is a medium heat salsa and because the ingredient list reads: diced tomatoes, onion, garlic, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, water, salt and lemon juice concentrate it was no wonder I could taste only freshness.

Then there was the Dreams Aren’t This Good tortilla chips! Thick cut and best when you warm them up! It is the perfect pair that far outdoes any store-bought tortilla chip I can find.

They do a fantastic job combining flavors of the South with the sounds and styles of the city that never sleeps. The salsas are available in stores throughout the tri-state area and online at Dreams Aren’t This Good Salsa shop. A portion of sales go to charity!

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